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The Impact of the Internet on Critical Reading and Writing Skills

Adverse Effects of the Internet on Writing Skills and Critical Reading

1. Shortened Attention Spans
Nicholas Carr, a famous book author, says that “the internet has shifted the emphasis of human intelligence by rewiring our brain.” Do you get headaches while reading simple paragraphs or going through pages filled with article content? If so, then according to Nicholas Carr, the internet may have affected your level of attention.

In his article, ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Carr argues that there is a huge reduction in the ability of people to understand the different texts that they read. Instead of getting to know the meaning of a blog post, most people choose to look for the major words by simply skimming through. Researchers call this method ‘power-browsing.’ As a result of this often leads to poor reading and comprehension skills.

2. Decreased Proficiency
Different studies show varying results on people’s skill levels and how they are affected by the constant use of the internet. However, the National Endowment for the Arts says that “there is a relationship between the amount of time taken by students while reading for entertainment and the decreasing reading behaviors.”

According to their report, “To Read or Not to Read” it revealed some rather interesting facts. Here, more than half of the people aged eighteen to twenty-four read for personal enjoyment and pleasure. These particular group of people also spend more time and resources on video games, TV, and other forms of audio-visual entertainment. Eventually, the student reading scores have indeed decreased with a shocking 5% of scholars meeting the required, proficient levels.

3. Language Skills And Practice
Use of social media websites has significantly affected the way students construct sentences and use vocabularies. Although some studies show that it has brought some advantages, it’s worth mentioning that it has similarly led to some notable disadvantages. Remember that as a student, a lot is required from you in the learning of language skills such as:
Sentence construction
Proper use of vocabularies
Creativity in writing

These are some of the areas which are negatively affected by the constant use of digital services. Why so? In most cases, the Internet is filled with too much use of slang language which hinders language comprehension and practice.

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