10 Beautiful Bookstores You Need To Visit In America

1. Bart’s Books, Ojai, California

“This is an open-air bookstore open until sunset every day that provides hours of entertainment (if you’re a bookworm like me). There is a great mix of new and used books here and the selection is impressive.” —Yelper Kat F.

“Do not miss the cookbooks located in what was once the kitchen of the old house. Through the kitchen lies the special edition, higher priced books.” —Yelper Debra R.

2. Faulkner House Books, New Orleans

“The bookshelves are beautifully designed and use the small space very efficiently. They seem to focus on literary authors and have a good bit of poetry but also carry some ‘local interest’ too.” — Yelper Jen B

“The most adorable bookstore that used to be Faulkner’s home. How awesome is that?! It isn’t a huge store but what it lacks in size it makes up totally in charm.” —Yelper Sana J.

3. The Writer’s Block, Las Vegas

“You know when you walk into a place and there’s an immediate, visceral reaction that would make you do nearly anything to have that place exist forever and ever? The Writer’s Block is such a place and despite not planning on buying a book I bought one anyway as a sort of pledge to to the continued existence of this place — I hope to all that is good and decent in this world — forever and ever and ever. ” —Yelper Jon-Paul B.

“It’s small, but crammed full of new and interesting books. I caught eye of many of the latest in literary fiction, cool art books, and just all sorts of excellent selections. For the nerds out there, they even had a copy of Hyrule Historia for sale!” —Yelper Shay B.


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