10 Beautiful Bookstores You Need To Visit In America

4. Idlewild Books, New York City

“Idlewild is more than just travel guides. Amongst the Lonely Planets, there are novels and collections of travel writing, all arranged by country. If you’re planning a big international trip, this store is a must.” —Yelper Jennifer H.

“This world needs more specialty independent bookstores. Idlewild specializes in ‘travel books,’ in the most all-encompassing sense: they do an excellent job of curating both the essential tour guides and other types of literature (fiction, essays, history) about the country you’re (dreaming about) visiting.” —Yelper Elaine W.

5. The Montague Book Mill, Montague, Massachusetts

“Situated in an old New England mill overlooking a rushing river cascading over falls and rocks, a giant compound which basically consists of a bookshop with an AMAZING selection of second-hand books, a cafe, a restaurant, a music and film shop AND a local artist’s co-op and gallery, I could easily spend an entire day here and lose all track of time and space.” —Yelper Bobby A.

“This place is a hidden gem! An incredible location, just the perfect place to linger and browse the stacks and stacks of books on nearly every subject! There are plenty of comfy chairs situated near windows that overlook a river flowing below.” —Yelper Mj W.

6. Baldwin Book Barn, West Chester, Pennsylvania

“An amazing collection of both vintage and older used books fill multiple floors of this amazing barn. There is a big collection of military and political books as well as the usual fiction, art, photography, medical, travel, local interest, and cookbooks among the shelves.” —Yelper L N.

“Cats. We found at least two well-fed cats wandering the property… Well, one wandering, and the other sleeping inside. The wandering one greeted everybody that got out a car or walked in from the road. Very friendly!” —Yelper Jude T.


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