10 Beautiful Bookstores You Need To Visit In America

7. Brattle Book Shop, Boston

“Too freakin cute. An open air bookstore wedged between brick buildings in downtown Boston. You’ll find everything from used gardening books to classics and everywhere in between. There’s also a small indoor section but the books under the sun steal the show.” —Yelper Brittany S.

“They have a large number of books from $1 to $5, including entire book sets. These are ‘bargain’ books displayed in a small lot adjacent to the actual book shop.” —Yelper Dee L.

8. City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco

“Ahhhh, City Lights! Classic indie bookstore and San Francisco gem. Tucked away in Chinatown amidst a spectacle of neighboring night clubs, bars, trendy coffee shops and eats. It’s perfectly grungy yet hip enough to satisfy any book lover’s dream.” —Yelper Rachel Ann C.

“This is a quite large, three-story bookshop that you can really get lost in. I love that it has plenty of rooms with natural light (a rarity in most bookshops). Sitting in the rocking chair in the poetry room, I wanted to spend all day there reading.” —Yelper Jordan T.

9. BookBar, Denver

“Holy mother of guacamole, I love this place. I am a longstanding sucker for any place that sells books/coffee/book-related novelty and BookBar brings all this together into a wonderful smoothie of delightfulness.” —Yelper Xan P.

“BookBar quickly became one of my favorite spots in Denver. Offering up fantastic reads, gifts, and trinkets, BookBar is a perfect getaway for those looking to wrap up that last-minute project while sipping on local flavors.” — Yelper Anthony S.

10. Dickson Street Bookshop, Fayetteville, Arkansas

“Wonderful bookstore! It reminded me of Shakespeare & Company in Paris. Floor-to-ceiling books, rows upon rows. And very well organized.” —Yelper Amanda H.

“Walking through the doors transports you to another land. A land filled with BOOKS. And I’m talking about every kind of book you could possibly think of and/or desire.” —Yelper Daisy D.


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