10 Bestselling Books for Teens

An impossible first love story between a curious boy and a girl allergic to the world. An origin story for the murderous Queen of Hearts. A hilarious peek into the offscreen lives of two onscreen superstars. These 10 books have been reader tested and reader approved, and deserve a spot on the shelf of any fan of teen lit. This holiday season, give your favorite reader the gift of distant worlds, long-shot love, and wonderful retold tales.

1.Tales of the Peculiar, by Ransom Riggs

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Riggs’ story collection, styled as foundational lore for the world of the “peculiars” introduced in his Miss Peregrine trilogy, is full of stories that are genuinely eerie and surprising, and occasionally grotesque. He invents a fork-tongued princess whose happily ever after might not involve a prince; a girl who can see ghosts and who, in fact, has trouble befriending anyone who isn’t spectral; and, in perhaps the most memorable tale, a group of prosperous cannibals who find an appropriately horrifying solution to their food-supply issues. The stories are fairytalish in tone, with touches of sly humor and a modern sensibility that makes the collection a blast to read.

2.Dan and Phil Go Outside, by Dan Howell and Phil Lester

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In their second book after New York Times bestseller The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire, YouTube Sensations Dan and Phil venture into previously unknown territory: the real world. Through hundreds of revealing annonated photos from their worldwide tour, they tell another chapter of the story behind their massive self-made fame.

3.Jack & Jack: You Don’t Know Jacks, by Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson

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Social media and recording stars (and BFFs) Jack and Jack bring their whirlwind energy and delightful silly worldview to this insider’s take on their rise from regular teens to international superstars, and all the hilarious Vines, wild tales, and live performances along the way. Their first book, it includes photos illuminating the lives of the boys behind the screens.

4.A Torch Against the Night, by Sabaa Tahir

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Tahir’s An Ember in the Ashes is a lush, bloody fantasy set in the fully fledged world of the Martial Empire, narrated in turns by Laia, a Scholar girl whose people were brutally vanquished by the Martial Empire, and Elias, an aspirant in the series of deadly Trials that will determine the empire’s next leader. They cross paths when Laia is embedded as a spy, masquerading as a slave, at Elias’s military school, in a mission that may amount to suicide. In A Torch Against the Night, they’re united and on the run, fighting their way toward Laia’s incarcerated brother and away from Elias’s inhuman commandant mother. Back in the brutal city, Marcus’s former best friend, Helene, is bound to serve a dangerously sociopathic new emperor, a task she might not survive.

5.What Light, by Jay Asher

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Growing up on a Christmas tree farm means Sierra splits her life between Oregon and California, where her family travels each holiday season to sell their trees. When she falls for California kid Caleb, it’s against her father’s dating rules. And when Caleb’s dark secret gets out—about a mistake he made years ago, and can’t outrun—their love story is at threat of being cut short.


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