10 Books For Adults That Are Just As Magical As The Harry Potter Series

It seems impossible to think that anything could compare, but if you look hard enough, there are books we can read as adults that have some of the same elements as our beloved Harry Potter. here is a small list of them.

The Name of the Wind By Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Windis the story of a young man who grows up to be the most famous wizard the world has ever known. This concept might sound just the tiniest bit familiar to Potter fans. Kvothe is an orphan who braves his crime-ridden city and enters an incredible school of magic. Rothfuss creates a grittier, more adult version a magic school which leaves room for a whole new, world-encompassing series for fantasy lovers to enter. Read More


The Magicians By Lev Grossman


This one is probably on every “Books Like Harry Potter” list around, but it’s for good reason. The first in a series abut a young wizard finding his place in the magical world gives readers everywhere a taste of what they’ve been missing since Deathly Hallows. And besides, it is an amazing reminder of the power of a book to take you away completely. Read More

The Goldfinch By Donna Tartt

No magic here, I know, but that’s not to say it isn’t a magical reading experience. Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel is the story of Theo Decker, who loses his mom at a young age and is estranged from his father. What gets him through a terrible time in his life is the friendship he forges with another seemingly lost kid, Boris. Harry Potter is about magic, wizards, and everything in between, but it is ultimately a story about the power of friendship. So if you’re missing the dynamic between Harry, Ron and Hermione, give this one a try. (Oh, and the length will definitely remind you of Harry Potter, too.) Read More



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