10 Books I Can’t Stop Recommending

Of the many books I’ve read, I have a short list of those that continually come to mind. These are the books that when finished, linger for a while because they resonate emotionally with me. Sometimes, months later I find myself thinking about the characters or the book’s message. Below are a few such books.

1. Little Fires Everywhere By Celeste Ng

First, this novel deals with many complex issues, but at its core, this is a story about mothers and daughters – class and conformity. Celeste Ng shows us three very different mothers and a perfectly designed community. While reading this book, I couldn’t help but compare Mrs. Richardson and Mia and the choices they made. I was quite surprised when my perspective started to change on some of the issues. Especially since the characters remained constant and true to form. Read More.
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2. The Twelve Live of Samuel Hawley By Hannah Tinti

On one level, this is a beautiful coming of age story. But on a deeper level it’s about the unconventional relationship between a father and daughter. He’s imperfect but entirely devoted to her, she’s vulnerable and easily influenced, which begs the question – if someone is flawed are they still deserving of our love and support? Read More.
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3. Defending Jacob By William Landay

This is an amazing mystery, not only one with incredible pacing making it impossible to put down but also one that kept me guessing – the unexpected, stunning twist at the end will keep you thinking about this books for a long time, wondering what clue you missed. Read More.
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  1. I cannot see Dymock’s & QBD’s Book of the month — ‘Secret Life Of A Schoolyard Millionaire ‘ by Nat Amoore there.

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