10 Books That Will Make You Think

Are you a traveler or reader looking for books that make you think differently? Find wanderlust-inducing inspiration or returning nostalgia to change the way you think about the world. Scroll down for some books that will make you think differently.

1. Beloved by Toni Morrison

A Pulitzer Prize Winner, Beloved is a classic that you shouldn’t miss throughout your formal or informal education. Born into and eventually escaping slavery in Kentucky, Sethe finds freedom in Ohio. Is she really free, though? Sethe can never fully escape her memories or past, including the death of a child. Beloved is based on a true story and examines the lasting impacts of slavery. Read More.
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2. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Who hasn’t dreamed of change and finding oneself in pasta, rice paddies, and meditation rooms? Elizabeth Gilbert finds herself at the crossroads of divorce, unhappiness, and a messy life that she so badly wants to reclaim. Instead of proverbially driving her situation off of a cliff, Gilbert decides to travel around the world, embracing, love, culture, and friendship. She learns the power of compassion and how nature and silence can spark peace within. Read More.
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3. Woman at 1000 Degrees by Hallgrímur Helgason

As we headed to Iceland, I delved into Icelandic literature, both new and old. Based on the first Prime Minister’s granddaughter, Helgason recreates a true story about Iceland during WWII. Unique to this war story, the protagonist’s father heads into battle to fight for Hitler. Readers learn more about growing up as a displaced child of war, and how we either overcome or succumb to a devastating past. You’ll both love and dislike Herra. TW for rape, incest, abuse, and brutality. Read More.
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