10 Books To Help Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Here is a list of excellent cookbooks that focus almost exclusively on satisfying your sweet tooth and are guaranteed to make you drool.

1. Tasty Dessert: An Official Tasty Cookbook

It’s not just a book of recipes, it’s an education. You will learn techniques you thought were best left to the pros as you yourself become a master. This cookbook can help you refine your baking skills through a series of over seventy of both classic favourites and totally new, fun treats. Think along the lines of decadent chocolate fondant to delicious frozen salted grapefruit pie bars — you are sure to find something for every and any occasion. Read More.
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2. The Cake Book

Written by editor-in-chief of Chocolatier and Pastry Art & Design magazine, this stunning book is all about cake, bringing together a few simple ingredients to create a magnificently delicious dessert. It is regarded as a comprehensive how-to guide, the only one you’ll need in your collection, towards baking perfection. Tish Boyle blessed us with her flourless recipes, cheesecakes, frostings and fillings, and so much more. Your official ABC’s of cake creations! Read More.
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3. Baking All Year Round

Bestselling author, Rosanna Pansino, has returned to give us this stunning collection of recipes for every occasion that she celebrates with her family. This list includes delicious treats for festivities such as Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Christmas, Easter and so many more. The YouTube sensation also added a reasonable amount of vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free recipes so everyone can enjoy your delectable delights. Read More.
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4. Mug Cakes: 40 Speedy Cakes to Make in a Microwave

No, there’s no typo there — we literally meant a cake in a mug cooked in the microwave in under ten minutes! If you haven’t yet heard of this godsend of a baking craze, let me be the one to share the fab news. These wonderfully easy and creative recipes are awesome for a last minute sneaky treat, or a cute idea to serve to dinner guests that will surely impress. This gorgeous handbook for life’s little luxuries contains classic recipes, like a basic vanilla or chocolate cake, some recipes to suit various occasions, others that cater for dietary restrictions, and an interesting collection of some out-of-the-box recipes, such as pina colada and Irish cream. Read More.
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5. The Unicorn Cookbook

Go ahead and sprinkle oodles of cuteness onto your baked goods with this trending how-to on everything rainbow and unicorn-related! These original recipes are a sure-fire way to spread joy and magic to all who feast their eyes on such happy-looking deliciousness. Read More.
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