10 Clean Middle School Romance Books for Young Teens

It’s more difficult than you might think to find middle school romance books for young teens. But when your daughter (or student) is going through that awkward transition phase, it’s important to find age-appropriate books that will interest her.

Books on this reading list have younger teens and pre-teens as protagonists, so they’re perfect for kids ages 10 and up. These romance stories for middle school girls are about crushes, first kisses, and friendship drama.

If you’re like me, then you’ll love these clean middle school romance books. Hopefully, your daughter will too!

1. Never Evers by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

A ballet school drop-out, a ski trip to France, and plenty of awkward moments make this an adorable middle school romance novel. Girls that like stories of wealthy kids, exotic destinations, and first love will adore this cute rom-com. Read More.
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2. Peppermint Cocoa Crushes by Laney Nielsen

Friends, cocoa, crushes, and catastrophe combine into a charming and romantic read for middle school girls. This is just one book out of the many middle school romance books that Swirl Novels has published. Read More.
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3. Misfits by Jen Calonita

Jen Calonita is one of my favorite authors for pre-teens. Misfits is the first book in a spin-off series from her popular Fairytale Reform School series. It’s about an unorthodox princess who finds herself at a royal academy for princes and princesses. There, she has adventures, mishaps, and meets the prince of everyone else’s dreams. Read More.
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