10 of The Best Rocket Books For Curious Kids

Growing up I had a dear friend who was fascinated by space exploration. Her passion was contagious and inspiring. As a teacher and now as a parent, I think of her often when we are learning about outer space, and I hope to encourage that same enthusiasm when I see it in kids–no matter what the subject. Over the years we’ve discovered quite a few books about rockets, and I’m excited to share some of our favorite rocket books for little learners. Read them with aspiring astronauts or as part of your preschool space theme.

1. Rocket Town by Bob Logan

Rocket Town is a board book. Toddlers love to see the different “rockets” in the book as an astronaut and his dog drive through Rocket Town, and they love the surprise blastoff at the end. My oldest also liked the illustrations. The mix of old and new gave us a good opportunity to talk about past and future. Read More.
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2. Zoom, Rocket, Zoom! by Margaret Mayo

Zoom, Rocket, Zoom! is from the author of Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp. Astronauts zoom through space and take care of few tasks once they are there. The rhyme and rhythm in this story make it very fun to read. Read More.
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3. Baby Loves Structural Engineering! by Ruth Spiro

Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering! is a simple yet factual story that follows a bird and a girl as it teaches about how things fly. Read More.
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