10 of the Best Seek-and-Find Books for Kids

4. The Bear’s Song by Benjamin Chaud

While I love a book with LOTS of things to find, I also love ones where you’re only looking for one or two things. In this series (which includes The Bear’s Sea Escape and The Bear’s Surprise) you find the Papa Bear and his missing Baby Bear on each page. Plus, these books are oversized, which makes them especially eye-catching. Read More.
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5. Where Are You? by Sarah Williamson

This one is great for the littlest seekers. Bright illustrations and fun text encourage baby and toddler explorers to find where the little pink snake has gone. Along the way, they’ll learn more about place concepts like under/over, up/down. Read More.
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6. I Spy: A Game to Read and Play by Caitlin Haynes, illustrated by Tom Cook

With its familiar “I Spy” structure, and favorite friends from “Sesame Street,” this book is sure to be a hit with early readers. Kids are invited to look for characters and objects, reinforcing their knowledge of shapes, colors, and sizes as they go. Read More.
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