11 Amazing Books that Will Help You Love Your Inner Child

Do you have an inner child that is suffering? Most of us are aware of our happy, joyful, fun inner child. What about the wounded inner child that was abused, neglected, or abandoned?

When we were young, we adopted strategies to block out and protect ourselves from painful emotions. Just because we are so used to ignoring the inner child and suppressing our feelings, it doesn’t mean that the inner child isn’t there.

Rather than blocking our pain with activities and substance such as TV programs, alcohol, and drugs. Why not heal our emotional pain and re-parent our inner child?

Below are a mixture of inner child books and Transactional Analysis books. Inner child books are helpful to foster inner peace. Transactional analysis books, on the other hand, also use the concept of the inner child but it focuses more on our relationship issues with others.

1. Parent Yourself Again by Yong Kang Chan

If you have a bad childhood or a strained relationship with your parents, this book is for you. This book is not just about re-parenting your inner child. It’s also about training your inner parent to be a more protective and nurturing parent. The book helps you to understand your hidden feelings and uncover the protective mechanisms you have in place to cope with your adverse childhood experiences. Some of them might be outdated and need to be removed for your healing to take place. Reading this book will help you develop compassion for yourself and receive the love that you always desire from your parents. Read More.

2. Inner Bonding by Margaret Paul

This book not only helps you to be in touch with your wounded inner child, but it also frees you from inner conflicts. If you often focus heavily on other people and is frequently out of touch with yourself, read this book. In this book, you will learn how to heal the deep, painful feelings that are residing within you. It will also help you understand how abandoning your inner child will lead to problems such as codependency, addiction, and low self-worth. Filled with many real-life examples, this book will show you how to take care of yourself in various types of relationship instead of waiting for the other party to take care of you. Read More.

3. Homecoming by John Bradshaw

If you want to explore your childhood in-depth and change your destructive behavior patterns, this book is suitable for you. This book provides a step-by-step process to help you reconnect with your inner child for each development stage. At the end of the first chapter, you will also find a questionnaire to help you understand how badly your inner child was wounded and how this affects your adult life. In this book, you will find lots of resources — case studies, therapy techniques, guided meditations, and affirmations. The exercises make you revisit part of your life which you might not want to revisit and the approach might appear unconventional to some readers. So must be open to doing the intense exercises. Read More.


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