11 Books That Will Keep Your Attention Until The Very Last Page (P II)

The first list of “15 Books That Will Keep Your Attention Until The Very Last Page” went viral and we got requests to do even more of these book recommendations so we are back with another one, most of which were your recommendations from your comments

1. BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP by S. J. Watson

This book is a catch. Captivating mystery novels like this one will keep you tense till the last chapter. ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ tells the story of a woman who suffers from amnesia and wakes up every day with no memory from the past. She doesn’t know who she is, where she’s staying or whom she’s laying next to. However, she has a little secret journal whose words trouble her every time she reads them. “Don’t trust Ben” and suddenly she’s onto a lot of things that she has no idea about. This book will make you wonder: who are you without your memories and are you truly yourself once nothing reminds you of who you are. You must read it. Read More
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Jojo Moyes has always been one of my highly recommended writers. After reading, ‘Me Before You’ I fell in love with the writer and had to revisit her work once more. And so I discovered This book. It might not be as good as ‘Me Before You’ but to be fair it’s almost impossible to compete with that one. This book tells the story of a 100 years old painting and the agony of love and loss behind the portrait of a gorgeous young woman in the midst of world war I. Read More
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3. THE GOLDFINCH by Donna Tartt

Let’s face it, this book is thick. So, if you’re intimidated by big books then you might want to take a step back. However, you must consider what you’ll be missing. The Goldfinch is an amazing book that recounts the story of a young boy who survives a terrible accident that cost him the life of his mother and stigmatized him for the rest of his. Nevertheless, the ending is so miraculous it’ll make you fall in love with this book. Read More
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