11 New Book Releases To Read in July 2019

Wondering what to read now? If you’re looking for book suggestions, look no further! We have all the hot new July 2019 book releases for you. We’ll let you know what we’ve read, what we can’t wait to read, and what’s getting all the attention this month.

1. Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson

You know the game. Never have I ever kissed a boy or gone skinny dipping. But when the mysterious Roux shows up to the neighborhood book club, the game takes a sinister turn. Now Amy Whey’s whole life feels threatened. For Amy has a secret past, one that Roux is willing to blackmail her over. But two can play at this game. A deliciously fun summer read that kept me guessing until the end (which I did not expect). Read more.
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2. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

Calling all bookworms! I have the perfect summer book for you. Twenty-nine year old Nina Hill has the perfect little life. She loves her job at the local California bookstore, her friends on her trivia team, and her bookshelves full of books to read. When her absentee father dies, Nina discovers she has a whole slew of relatives she never knew she had and is not sure she wants. Add in a cute guy interested in her, and Nina’s quiet bookish life will never be the same. A super light read with a love story that’s not a romance novel, The Bookish Life of Nina Hill will speak to all those introverted bookworms out there trying to survive in a world full of people. Don’t expect too much in the way of character development, just a cute little plot that you could easily see on the Hallmark channel. Read more.
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3. Wanderers by Chuck Wendig

Note to self: when requesting new book releases, be sure to check page counts. Topping out at a whopping 800 pages, Wanderers is a book I probably would not have requested has I known how long it was. Shana wakes up one morning to her sister sleepwalking. She cannot be woken or stopped. She seems to be on a mission, and is slowly joined by others. As society starts collapsing around the spreading epidemic, Chuck Wendig paints a tantalizing picture of the end of the world. Given its extreme length, I’m not finished with this one yet, but I can tell you it’s starting out really well. Read more.
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