12 Books for Kids (Of All Ages) Who Feel Worried or Anxious

All kids worry at least some of the time, and some children struggle with anxious feelings on a regular basis. This collection of books features titles that can be used by teachers and parents to open discussion with children about feeling worried and managing anxious thoughts.

1. Ruby’s Worry by Tom Percival

Ruby loves being Ruby. And then one day she discovers a worry. Just a small worry. But when the worry starts to grow it just won’t leave her alone. A wonderful lesson in the importance of talking to others about our worries. Read More.
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2. When I’m Feeling Nervous by Trace Moroney

Feeling nervous is uncomfortable but it can also mean that you’re about to do something really, really brave! What do you do when you feel nervous? A useful tool for helping young children develop increased confidence, optimism and hopefulness. Read More.
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3. Hey Warrior by Karen Young

An insightful book that helps children to understand how and why our brains and bodies respond to anxiety, thus empowering them with knowledge of what is happening and how they can manage anxious thoughts and worries. Read More.
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