12 Must-See Places for True potterheads.

1) The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios

This one is a no-brainer. People from all over have flocked to Universal Studios to live the Potter experience. From butterbeer to a life-sized Hogwarts Express to getting your own wand — the place is truly unforgettable. Plus there are rollercoasters, neat! Get tickets here.

2) Quidditch World Cup

That’s right, Quidditch is no longer exists purely in fiction! Quidditch teams from all over the world complete in the Quidditch World Cup for a chance at glory. Why isn’t this covered on the sports channels!? 

3) Alnwick Castle

Fans will recognize this place immediately – it’s the real-life Hogwarts! The castle in North Umberland, England was used for filming the first two movies. You can even sign up for a broomstick flight training course and wizarding classes on the premises.


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