12 New Rom-Com Novels To Spice Up Your Summer Reading

Whether you’ve made your way through all those spring romance novel releases or not, it’s time to start diving into summer rom-coms. That’s right, the days of lazy weekend reading in the sunshine are here, and nothing pairs better with summer than a stack of brand new books. I know you’ve got a lot of summer reading recommendations to get through in the next few months. But really, no seasonal TBR would be complete without one or two sweet and steamy romances, right? This is a summer reading list you can fall head over heels for.

1. ‘Virtually Yours’ by Sarvenaz Tash

When Mariam Vakilian tries out a new virtual reality dating service, she’s matched with her ex-boyfriend, Caleb — and Jeremy, her best friend. Now she must decide whether to listen to her heart, or her app. Read More.
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2. ‘Ayesha at Last’ by Uzma Jalaluddin

Ayesha falls for Khalid, despite their many difference. But when she hears gossip about his family, she has to deal with what she discovers about Khalid — and the truth she realizes about herself. Read More.
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3. ‘If It Makes You Happy’ by Claire Kann

Winnie wants to enter a cooking competition to save her family’s diner, but must get around her formidable granny first. Add to that a secret romance with Dallas, and Winnie is in for a life-changing summer. Read More.
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