13 Books to Read Before Age 25

The books recommended here are not mainly self-help books, however, this list include some books that are: how-to-do books category). Yet, these books are a refining of all the stirred up emotions and fears of being at the peculiar age of 25. Some of these books will make you sentimental, will rouse you, and bring back to you some memories. Nevertheless; each of them set up together will conjure the colorful phases of feelings that accompanies being at that age. Investigate these 13 books and check whether you feel the same!


1. The BELL JAR BY Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath in her BELL depicts the absurdity and complexities of all the emotions accompanied by being in the early twenties, as for this age is considered as a shift from teen age to maturity and taking responsibilities. The book is about a gift woman that looks like she has all figured out when the storm that comes with being in this age hit her when she wasn’t ready. THIS is a book that we can all learn from and get prepared to deal with our new phase of life. Read More
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2. Be awesome: Modern Life for Modern Ladiesby Hadley Freeman

Many ladies out there were too focused on graduation and college that they missed the real world that is really different than what they have been taught during their college years. This is an inspiring book that shows how a modern lady can be modern and diligent in a place where beauty, dating and being a female has already an image. Read More
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3. Bossypantsby Tina Fey

We all go through that period of our lives that things seem unclear and we get confused about our purpose in life. This is the kind of books that will ignite the fire inside you and inspire you to go after what you want with passion and determination. However, it’s not a going to be boring and filled with serious phrases; it’s funny and easily digested with the use of sage anecdotes. Read More
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