14 Examples Of Genius Textbook Vandalism By Bored Students That Can Almost Be Forgiven

We’ve all been there – sitting at a desk in a high school, waiting for the seemingly never-ending lesson to finish, and doodling the boredom away…

Some do it in their notebooks, others, even on the textbooks. While the latter is certainly an act of vandalism that we do not encourage, sometimes the drawings are so good that one could almost forgive those little vandals. Not to mention the boredom the kids have to go through in some lessons!

Bookish Buzz has made a list of the funniest textbook drawings to show how creative bored kids are. What about you? Are you guilty of this sinful pleasure too?

1) Textbook Vandalism

2) Neandertallica!

3) Found This In The Physical Education Textbook

4) Someone Added This To My Chem Textbook

5) Leaving A Gem In A Calculus Book

6) It Explains Everything

7) Found In A Math Book


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