15 Book Series To Read If You Enjoyed “The Hunger Games”

Warning! You’re about to fall down the rabbit hole. Say hello to your summer reading list.


1. Unwind, Neal Shusterman

Why you should read it: After the Second Civil War, a law was enforced to protect reproduction rights. Parents can choose to have their kids unwound, harvesting children’s organs and body parts for donors. The story is SUPER creepy, but completely addicting. Read More
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2. Divergent, Veronica Roth

Why you should read it: Set in a dystopian society with five factions, a brave female protagonist must make a life-altering choice between her family and her true self. The more she learns about what she is, the more dangerous her journey becomes. You will finish this book in three days tops.Read More
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3. Matched, Ally Condie

Why you should read it: In this perfect world, the government dictates what you eat, how much you exercise, and matches you to the most compatible mate. But when Cassia is accidentally matched with two people, she falls in love with the unexpected choice and learns about the dirty secrets of her society. Read More
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4. The Maze Runner, James Dashner

Why you should read it: A community of boys with no memory of their previous lives were gradually sent to the Glade, a mysterious place surrounded by a deadly maze. Their home becomes a ticking time bomb as they race to find a way out. Once you find out the truth, you won’t be able to contain all the feels. Read More
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