15+ Times Tumblr Made Introverts Laugh Out Loud

Being an introvert has never been easier; with a plethora of online streaming sites to keep you amused, online games, books and house delivery of pretty much anything you can think of, staying at home forever is now a relatively straightforward business.

An introverted person might seem shy or unfriendly, but in fact, they just like spending time with their own company better. If an extrovert is the happiest when they have a crowd of friends, an introspective person feels the best by having only a few. And if an extrovert gets their energy from that crowd, the other type of personality get their energy by recharging alone. And though it might seem that they are a bit anti-social, this perception cannot be more wrong. Yes, introverts aren’t loud, but they tend to be great listeners and friends.

If you match the introvert characteristics and don’t want to see or deal with people, that’s fine! What you do with your life is your own business, there are millions of introverts out there, and there always has been so, ironically, you’re not alone. We here at Bored Panda have compiled a list of hilariously self-deprecating introvert quotes by introverts themselves, who accept what they are and can have a good laugh about it. Maybe you can relate? Scroll down to check the introvert memes out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!


They never stick to the damn script…..


Reading about my life, written by someone else.



i did a social activity last night – am sitting here wondering what I did or said wrong


*takes notes, prepares snack stashe in the bedroom for emergency cases and times of crisis*



Lmao, why is this so true? XD


Very true




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