17 Places Book Lovers Need to Visit

For many book lovers, the most perfect place in the world is a cozy reading nook where no one will talk to them for the next, oh, ten hours. But there are places outside of the home (and beyond the pages) that seem to have been made specifically for the literary minded, including charming bookstores in Paris, quirky hotels in Japan, and beautiful monasteries in Prague. Here are 17 places perfect for book lovers.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires

This isn’t your average bookstore. Housed in an old theater (complete with frescoed ceilings and red stage curtains), books line the former mezzanines and orchestra section, and cafe tables sit on the stage where tango dancers once performed.

Book and Bed, Tokyo

This self-described “accommodation bookstore” allows guests to sleep in Japanese-style compartments built into shelves, staying up all night to read the more than 1,700 English and Japanese books. First opened in late 2015, the brand has since opened outlets in cities Kyoto and Fukuoka.

Zhongshuge Yangzhou, China

This bookshop in Yangzhou has black, mirrored floors and arched shelving that emulates the city’s iconic rivers and bridges. The entire design creates the illusion of an endless tunnel of books, otherwise known as a bibliophile’s dream come true. 

Bath, England

Jane Austen wrote Persuasion and Northanger Abbey in Bath, which also happens to be where you can attend the annual Jane Austen Festival. The event celebrated its sixteenth anniversary this past September, and included country dances, calligraphy workshops, dramatic readings, and a whole lot of bonnets. You can also visit the Jane Austen Centre year-round, a small museum with costumed tours and afternoon tea services.


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