19 Beautiful Photos Of Libraries That Prove They’re The Last Good Place In This World

Richard Silver is a 56-year-old travel photographer from New York and his photo series of libraries from around the world is absolutely breathtaking.

Speaking to Bookish Buzz, Silver explained, “As a photographer who appreciates and photographs architecture, I have always been fascinated with libraries ever since I was a kid and went to the NY Public Library on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Now, as a travel photographer, I set out to shoot any interesting library wherever I travel to.”

1. Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library, Antwerp, Belgium

2. José Vasconcelos Library, Mexico City, Mexico

3. Sainte-Geneviève Library, Paris, France

4. Los Angeles Public Library, Los Angeles, California

5. Rijksmuseum Library, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Silver explained, “Personally, I am fascinated more with the older more ornate libraries than the modern ones. They remind me of religious structures with all the details in their architectural style.”

6. Real Gabinete Library, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7. Morgan Library & Museum, New York, NY

8. Mitchell Library, Sydney, Australia

9. Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts

10. Strahov Library, Prague, Czech Republic

He continued, “Most people do not think of going to a library when they travel. To me, they are missing out on some pretty spectacular sites.”


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