20 Of The Most Hilarious Things Ever Found In Textbooks

Textbooks can be pretty boring. All those facts, all those graphs, all those diagrams. No wonder kids struggle to concentrate in school. But although it seems like they’re written by robots, a rogue bunch of authors have taken it upon themselves to inject a modicum of humor into these otherwise dry publications. Take a look at this list of funny textbook surprises to see what we mean. Some of them appear to be officially approved. Others appear to be subtly hidden where nobody will find them. But all of them will make you smile, especially if you’re stuck in class.

1 Found This On The First Page Of My Stats Textbook

2 Well Played, Biology Textbook. I See What You Did There

3 Found In My Web Design Textbook

4 I Better Learn This Just In Case

5 Just Saw This Written On The Back Of A Textbook

6 So In My Spanish Textbook This Kid Calls A Girl To Ask Her What Her Phone Number Is

7 A Woman Saying “Hello” In French To A Couple In A Bush

8 Found Something Odd In My Engineering Textbook

9 Invisible Man

10 And Then Suddenly, In The Back In My Textbook


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