20 Times Book Lovers Got So Triggered By The Things They Saw, They Had To Post Them Online

There are dozens of pet peeves that get on book readers’ nerves. Like Amazon shipping you every single book in its own separate box when order loads of them or when the bottom parts of 2 pages are still connected. Then there are the big no-no’s that will make any book lover mad. Like people burning books or tearing off the pages of the books that they’re reading. One. [Rip.] By. [Tear.] One. [Rip.]

We know that you enjoy books, dear readers, so we have collected a list of pictures that will infuriate any book lover and literature enthusiast. Scroll down, and let us know in the comments what other book-related things get your blood boiling.

#1 The Only Book In The Store That’s Wrapped In Plastic Is This One

#2 No God, Nooooo. God, Please No

#3 Ordered 27 Books From Amazon On A Single Order. Got 27 Boxes With 1 Book Each Delivered

#4 This Price Sticker That Ruined The Cover Of This 1908 Book

#5 Instead Of Putting In A Bookshelf, This Coffee Shop Cut The Spines Of The Books And Glued Them To A Shelf


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