20 Times Libraries Surprised Everyone With How Creative And Of Humorous Librarians Are.

11 This Sign At My University With The Number For The Library Police

12 The Mystery Section In San Jose State University’s Library Has A Secret Bookshelf

13 Banned Books Display At My Local Library

14 This Mural At My School Has Fahrenheit 451 Positioned On The Fire Extinguisher

15 My Library Has A Globe Of The Moon

16 Saw This In My Local Library

17 Gigantic Books At The Entrance Of A Public Library In France

18 This Library Was Built Exactly Over The Canada-USA Border (The Black Line)

19 My University Library Took Out Consecutive Sections Of Shelves. Can See From One Wall To The Other

20 Display At My Local Library


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  1. All these ideas are just too clever! I have seen innumerable ways to adapt these to my little congregational library. Loved the blind date idea, would love to have some of those giant fairy tale books, and a community puzzle is right up my alley. Can’t wait for my next library staff meeting!🤗

  2. Love it – each and every one.
    It just doesn’t seem like my library has a sense of humour. Sigh.

    Mind you,
    the last “un-library” thing I went to at my library was to hear a folk singer in concert.
    Chairs were few and far between amongst the elbow-to-elbow audience, and I’m very glad there were no fire inspectors present.
    And it was a freebie, an extra performance for those of us not lucky enough to have gotten a ticket for his evening shows.

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