22 Times Librarians Surprised Everyone With Their Sense Of Humor

Even though libraries are citadels of silence, guarding humanity’s best thoughts, it doesn’t mean that humor is forbidden there. To prove that a giggle can easily accompany a pleasant read, Bookish Buzz has collected a list of some of the funniest examples of librarian humor.

From mocking impossible visitor requests to motivating students, these creative solutions definitely got everyone’s attention. Scroll down to check out why you should go the library more often and upvote the entries you like best!

1 Sometimes I Wear My Panda Hat To Work. This Is What It Looks Like To Everyone Walking Into The Library

2 When Libraries Troll Their Patrons

3 This Was At My College Library Entrance

4 My Local Library

5 “Please Do Not Let In The Cat”

6 My School Library Knows What’s Up

7 Every Year My School’s Librarian Dresses Up As A Book Reaper To Collect Overdue Books

8 Mystery Indeed

9 Librarian Humor

10 My Local Library Is Taking People’s Mugshot

11 I Went To The Library, Accidentally Ended Up In Intersteller…


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