30 Times People Were So Surprised By The Things They Found In Second-Hand Books, They Just Had To Share

The treasures inside second-hand books aren’t limited to the texts they possess. From time to time, readers leave all kinds of gifts for others to discover. Some of them, like a pair of glasses, are simply forgotten between the pages but every once in a while, a good samaritan leaves behind a little thingy just to make your day. Continue scrolling through this list and check out what I’m talking about for yourself! Oh, and upvote your favorite entries along the way.

#1 Found A Little Surprise In The Library Book I Borrowed

#2 Nothing Like Picking Up A Book And Finding A Photo (And Autograph) Of The Author Inside

#3 These 4 And 5 Leaf Clovers I Found In This Nearly 200-Year-Old Book

#4 I Found This In A 1949 Children’s Book I Bought Today

#5 Used Books Store Has A Wall Of Forgotten Bookmarks


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