31 Times People Shouted, “YAAS, QUEEN!” While Reading

19. Amy Dunne, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I think that was one of the first books I read where the female lead was portrayed as something other than being nice and submissive. Yes, she did some dark and messed up things that left me floored, but she low-key made me feel empowered in a “fuck you for cheating on me, look what a woman scorned can do” type of way. I do not encourage what she did AT ALL (please don’t do what she did lol), but I kind of understood where she was coming from and it was refreshing to see a female lead do that. AGAIN, I do not condone what she did in the book but I can see why her character did the things she did. —rrobledo

20. Scarlet O’Hara, Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

She was the first example I read of a woman unashamedly going after what she wanted. She was never afraid to speak her mind. There were pages when I loved her and others when I hated her, but that’s what makes her one of my all time favorite characters — she’s so real. —jaclynj43255b53b

21. Matilda, Matilda by Roald Dahl

I learned a lot about independence from her and it’s still my favorite book, even though it’s meant for children. I was able to get through so much because of it. Matilda’s spunky, courageous, and smart and I always looked up to her. In a way, I still do. —ccitlali


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