5 Authors worth binge reading

When an author can create a connection with their reader for not only the entirety of a novel but for their entire catalog, it creates a bond that is that much more special for a reader.

These authors have created collections of works that do just that, convincing their voracious fans to read through not one, but all of their novels, excitedly devouring one after the other.

1.Louise Penny

  • Still Life (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Mysteries, No. 1)

Still Life is the premium mysterious story of penny’s chief Gamache series. These series would take you on a journey that you have never experienced before. Once YOU START READING THE FIRST INSTALLMENT “still life”, you’ll become addicted to these enigmatic books. The mystification of the murder plot of Jane Neal who was discovered death in the wood in the alluring Three Pines (a magical place), and was believed by all the locals that his mortality was just a horrible accident. However, Gamache is not just any average dude; he’s a sage man that cannot be fooled. He sensed that something was wrong and started immediately investigating. Still life is a story that is more than just the investigation of a crime, besides its richness of tenacity and purity, the story explores the depth of our human nature and the complexities of being a human being.Read More
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In this part there’s no going back, you’ll find yourself attached and curious about what’s going to happen next. Guess what? You will never know because the ambiguities in this series are beyond what we expect. THIS TIME in this installment, the story evolves and reach the peak of excitement. Penny after a long wait revealed the plot line that was honestly a challenge to grasp, because she used only to signal in the beginning and middle of the book series. This is completely engrossing.Read More
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This part is so special, with the use of chiaroscuro- the treatment of light and shade in arts which grant the story a sweet bitter taste. A trick of the light shows the comeback of Gemache to Three Pines to clear up a crime that is completely unusual. Tears will be shed, smiles would be broken, and inside every joyful face lays a grumpy heart. AND it has become hard to believe what is true and what’s not even to Gemache and his squad because sometimes light can be tricky.Read More
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  1. Totally agree with Louise Penny. Serially read, you’ll find — it’s all one book, one epic story. I’d also add Megan Abbott to this list. Writing to define the word sublime, with masterful plotting, and some of the strongest female characters you’ll ever come across

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