All I’ve heard lately is the the hype and excitement for new and upcoming movie adaptations. From Crazy Rich Asians in theaters to Jack Ryan on Amazon, the adaptations have been on the rise. And yes, we do love it. One in particular that’s still being talked about two weeks later is Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky (I enjoy referring to them as if they’re real) have stolen our hearts completely.

It’s the YA books I’ve always recognized in the bookshop, along with all the others beside it. I don’t have qualms about any genre, but for some reason I always find myself floating back to the Young Adult section. The sweet characters, deep plots, and quests for self-discovery make for a dreamy read and I can’t get enough. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before has sparked the question as to why reading Young Adult novels are sometimes frowned upon unless you’re a teen. I love them and I ain’t ashamed to say it and you shouldn’t be either! Here are five reasons YA novels are a good read no matter what your age.

1. It’s a book. Let’s start with that.

Many people are quick to judge what you are or aren’t reading. But these people also forget the simple fact: hey, you’re reading. So isn’t that enough?! There’s always something you can get from a new read. Whether you stick with a genre you’ve always read or you try something new, there’s always something you could learn. You can read hundreds of books, but all it takes is that one line or lesson to stick with you. Be open to that.

2. You learn about self-discovery and self-reflection!

Nearly every Young Adult novel I’ve ever read has some journey of self-discovery within the plot. A reckless teen with a troubled past, someone just getting over the loss of a parent, or a shy teen trying to fit in are common characters within a YA book. If you read these stories as an adult, you may not react to the fictional situations the same way as a high school junior would. But when it comes to real emotions, everyone has their ups and downs. Even though you may not be the same person as you were when you were eighteen, sometimes reading about someone else’s journey helps you better understand what you want from your own.

3. You can still find adult themes within them

When people hear Young Adult, they automatically think of these bubbly teens with bright eyes and deep crushes. This may be true for many, if not all, YA books, but not every single one! There are serious topics of assault, sexuality, mental illness, loss, and more. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows like everyone thinks. That’s what makes it relatable for any age! You get the dreamy effect of carefree teens with the heavier topics that all humans face.

4. They’re a lovely little escape

Nothing beats putting on some comfy clothes, kicking your feet up, and cracking open a loveable YA book. There’s so much going on in the world today, why not just read a book and enjoy it for what it is? A nice little escape for your mind and imagination. Also, it’s easy to miss those blissful teen years were the only worry you had was if your crush liked you back. Even if these YA books can be cliche and even cheesy, I think that’s the kind of charm everyone needs now and then.

5. They make some really good movies

When some of the biggest movies come to theaters, many times they’re already books. The Fault in Our StarsEverything, EverythingTwilightSisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and many, many more have graced our hearts as YA books before they were movies. So, of course, you must be the first to read these hit works before they hit the big screen. In film, you can capture all the sweet details and dynamics of the characters that the book can’t quite portray. You can feel the chemistry and emotions at each scene and every Young Adult movie adaptation that I’ve seen… I liked. Don’t feel guilty, just enjoy it.


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