6 Books that Will Transport You to Scotland

Here’s a book list for the lover of all things Scottish! These books set in Scotland will make you feel like you’re there, even if a trip to Scotland isn’t on your calendar this year.

Scotland! The land of misty highlands and brooding hills, clear rivulets and blooming heather, dark dales and rocky shores, wild and beautiful, inhabited for thousands of years yet still struggling to rise above poverty and degradation. Many times invaded and desolated, yet a history of heroic deeds abounds. A culture of lore and stirring music unlike that of any other country in the world.

When you see the highlands of Scotland in person, the emotions created by Scottish legends, novels and music makes sense. The bleakness, the beauty, the rain and the clouds, the sheep on the hillsides, the ruined cottages and castles blend into one stirring song. This is the land where you truly would expect to find dragons around the next corner.

Here are a few suggestions of books that will help you take a journey of imagination to Scotland.

1. In Freedom’s Cause by G.A. Henty

Archie Forbes falls in with William Wallace at a young age and is present for many of his famous adventures and battles. Through Archie’s eyes, we get a sweeping overview of the history of Scottish independence in the 1300s, the heroic but unsuccessful attempt by Wallace, the ups and downs of Robert the Bruce’s campaigns and the ultimate victory over the English at Bannockburn. Read More.
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2. Waverley by Sir Walter Scott

The original Waverley novel tells the story of Edward Waverley, a young English gentleman with a romantic turn of mind. He gets a commission in the Royal army and is stationed in Scotland. Tiring of the tedium of army life, Edward gets permission to visit the estate of a family friend nearby. There he’s introduced to the colorful characters and life of the people of Scotland. He gets swept into the drama of 1745 when he overstays his leave, is arrested for desertion and throws his lot in with the followers of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Read More.
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3. Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson

Upon the death of his father, young David Balfour is uprooted from his quiet life in the lowlands of Scotland and sent to his uncle to claim his inheritance. Davie soon realizes that his uncle is a cruel miser who would like nothing better than to see Davie dead. Despite Davie’s best precautions, his uncle manages to have him kidnapped by a ship captain who means to sell the boy into slavery in the Americas. Read More.
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