6 Excellent Books You Can enjoy in an Afternoon

1.Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

Keyes’s story is the prime example of short but powerful. This study of the human condition is about Charlie Gordon, a mentally unstable man, who undergoes surgery to increase his intelligence and mental abilities. Somehow so short of a story (only 23 pages) has such a profound effect; few can finish it without shedding some tears. Note- this is the story version, not the novel!

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2.The Giver by Lois Lowry


The Giver is many people’s first experience with a dystopian novel. Through the perspective of Jonas, the new Receiver of Memory, we see a world without pain or suffering. It also lacks emotional depth. Through the memories of the old receiver, Jonas is exposed to a time where emotions and landscape were unique and, at times, painful. Jonas is then determined to break free from this world of uniformity. 

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3.Annihilation by Jeff VanDermeer

Science fiction fans will not be able to put down book one of the Southern Reach Trilogy. Four female scientists go to explore Area X, a land with mutated vegetation, that is cut off from the rest of society. Despite that 11 separate groups of scientists who went to inspect and study the weird nature all went missing or died, the mystery and looming threat of the land constantly draws people to volunteer for these missions. What do you think will happen to group 12?

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