6 Thriller Novels We Think Are Creepier Than Campfire Stories

4. In the Woods by Tana French

Tana French’s debut begins in a small Dublin suburb in 1984. Three children don’t return home from a day playing in the woods, and when the police search for them, they find only one—Rob, and he’s covered in blood and unable to remember anything from the previous few hours. Twenty years later, Rob has to investigate the murder of a small child in the same woods, and as he digs deeper, his own unsolved mystery unravels to a chilling—and surprising—effect. Read More.
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5. The River by Peter Heller

Two college friends venture out into the Canadian wilderness and hear a couple fighting. But when they run into the man, there’s no woman in sight. One thing leads to another, and they are battling for their survival—and not just against white water rapids and cold forest nights. Days away from civilization, and without phones, their predicament becomes dangerous and violent. It’s a heart-poundingly intense novel that will keep you glued to the page—and away from the riverside. Read More.
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6. Desolation Mountain by William Kent Krueger

When a senator dies in a private plane crash on Desolation Mountain, father-son duo Cork and Stephen set off to investigate, despite pushback and lies from every government group also looking into the accident. As they dig deeper, they come face-to-face with a deeper evil hiding in the woods. Read More.
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