61 Inspiring Books That Are NOT Chicken Soup For The Soul

6. Persepolis By Marjane Satrapi

In this acclaimed graphic novel, Satrapi looks back on her childhood situated on the cusp of the Iranian revolution. Her country’s governing principals change radically in a number of years, and Satrapi is expected to change along with them. With humor and poignancy, Satrapi captures a life caught up in Big Historical Movements. Her journey of growing up and finding herself amid such turmoil is inspiring. Read More.
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7. The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help  By Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer seems like she’s utterly fearless. She’s a singer and artist known for pulling off wild stunts, like posing in a wedding dress in the middle of New York, motionlessly, for hours. Even if being in public didn’t scare her, the simple act of asking for help did. This book tracks her journey becoming comfortable with vulnerability, and being comfortable with help. Read More.
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8. Invisible Cities By Italo Calvino

Invisible Cities consists of a conversation between Kublai Khan, emperor of unfathomable riches, and Marco Polo, the Italian explorer who’s roamed the world and seen unbelievable sights, before moving on to the next destination. With entrancing language, Marco tells Kublai of cities he’s passed through. Impossible cities. In Adelma, the only faces you see are the faces of loved ones you’ve lost. Zobeide is full of dead ends. Each city will make you reinterpret the world around you. You’ll emerge from this book fresh and glittering like a person who’s seen a great wonder, and in this case, it was constructed only from words. Read More.
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9. Better Than Before By Gretchen Rubin

You know what’s just as hard as licking your elbow? Actually sticking to new habits. But fear no more. In this followup to The Happiness Project, in which Rubin explored how we can work our way out of wondering, incessantly, whether or not we are happy, Rubin will cure your habit-forming woes. She will teach you how to choose a new self-improvement project, and keeping choosing it every day. Read More.
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10. See Joan Run By Tara Rossi, Heidi Schoeneck, Tracy Mathison

See Joan Run — for office! This parody of Fun With Dick and Jane, created by the nonpartisan She Should Run network, follows a woman navigating a political world of “Dicks.” All proceeds go to She Should Run’s efforts to encourage more women to begin their political careers. Read More.
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