7 Major Fairy Tale mistakes

Fairy tales aren’t as perfect as they may seem. Actually, if you think about it, there’s some parts of fairy tales that are straight fails. So, since we’re all guilty of sometimes wishing our lives were more like fairy tales, we are here to remind you of the weirdo happenings inside some of our favorite stories. After reading these fails, maybe we’ll just stick with the real world…

1. The one with the cleanest house wins!

At least, I hope not. Cinderella cleaned up after her stepsisters and was rewarded with a handsome prince—and probably a fleet of servants. Snow White moved in with the Seven Dwarves and performed housekeeping work in exchange for her room and board. Everyone was happy. I tend to use a triage system for deciding what housework to do (If someone’s coming over, I clean the parts of the house they’ll see, and if it’s Christmas, I might take a day or two—but if you go into my closets or garage, we can’t be friends anymore), so I’d be in serious trouble if that was the case.

2. Handsome Prince shows up to save the day.

I mean, yes, I would hope that if I were in a coma, someone (my husband) would help out with that. But, in general, be strong and solve your own problems. No princes around here.

3. Talking animals.

I talk to my cats sometimes, and they only meow in reply. I’m including a photo of them, though, because they are very cute, and I think their little bromance should go viral.

The one on the right is Fiyero, named after the character in Wicked. The one on the left is Pumpkin because he looks like a pumpkin.


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