7 Reasons Adult Coloring Books Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Brighter

3. No need to take anti-stress and anxiety pills anymore. Take a coloring book instead.

There are many natural ways out there to help you relax, and coloring does exactly that by calming and relaxing your amygdala (the fear center of your brain). Not only, coloring will make you relax instantly and help u get rid of your stress. It works as a form of meditation that will accompany you the whole day. It will make you tuned in and less responsive to all the unnecessary stresses inside your head.Read More
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4. Coloring will help you focus more

Throughout my experience with coloring, it takes only the necessary amount of your to focus, it feels very natural like digging a building castles with sand in the beach, it’s very balanced and doesn’t take much energy to do.

Clinical instructor Leslie Marshall noticed that the movement “opens up the frontal flap of the cerebrum — the home of sorting out things and critical thinking — and help the mind to focus” by permitting the person who is coloring to overlook their stresses and enjoy the now. I don’t think that there’s anything better for a person than to be relaxed and focused while enjoying the present moment and doing whatever he/she is doing.Read More
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5. Be yourself with no worry

The good news is that these coloring books belong to you and only you, so nothing else matter. Enjoy yourself as you used to when you were coloring and drawing in your primary school knowing that this time nobody will demand to see it if you don’t want it. You can draw a dog with a cathead or a dragon with an Ice-cream. JUST be creative and use your imagination. Imagination doesn’t know logic or limits.Read More
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