7 Reasons Daily Diary Writing Helps Overcome Stress

Diary writing has often been taken for granted by many individuals. Especially so for men who have the assumption is that it’s more of a feminine thing to do. Well, the male species tend not to express themselves as women would. However, that ought not to be grounds for not having a diary. Keeping a diary is quite beneficial – you get to perfect your writing skills, keep a record of your experiences and quite importantly it help you overcome stress.

It may seem like it is a cumbersome affair having to daily find time to write in your diary, but when you get used to doing it, it becomes more of fun. And frankly, you will always look forward to doing so. The world around us somehow always has us on the edge and dealing with all the chaos that comes along may be challenging. Diary writing is one way we can get to cope.

Here are 7 reasons how keeping a diary helps us overcome the stresses that come our way:

1. Its Therapeutic
Ever been so furious that you literary feel like you’re fuming like a raging bull? How do you calm yourself down when you get overwhelmed with so much emotion? A majority of us tend to punch walls or people, scream, run and so on. But have you ever tried writing, even if it’s just making scribbles? You need to try it out. You’ll be amazed by the results. Writing is an avenue for you to relax, free your soul, body, and mind from all the stress that you may be experiencing. Well, it may not directly give the solution to what’s causing the stress, but it definitely relaxes you and when you do, you’ll be in a better position to deal with the situation.

2. It Helps You Better Understand Your Thoughts and Feelings
Understanding what your thoughts and feelings are trying to communicate to you is very important, especially when we’re stressed out. At times, we get so overwhelmed that we fail to see what is and what isn’t crucial for us. When you write down their thoughts and feelings, it will allow you to deal with them as you get some perspective rather than working when you’re overwhelmed.

When you have a record of how situations made you feel and how you managed to cope, it comes in handy you get into similar situations in the future. This is mainly because we’re able to refer to our diary.


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  1. … or it may become my next novel. Though I’m teasing here, my last novel was based on a character’s diary/journal. However, all of your blog’s points struck me as true. Sadly, my early journals sounded too much like whining. However, a gratitude diary/journal or routine writings that focus on the present and presence can lift the spirits, enhance relationships and improve sleep. I enjoyed your post and the reminder to strive daily for self-awareness and self-improvement. An on-going project.

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