8 Historical Novels with Epic Love Stories to Swoon Over

I love historical fiction. Historical fiction set in during World War II, historical fiction set in the Victorian era, early American historical fiction . . . You get the idea. My current obsession? Historical fiction with a romance kick! With lush atmospheres, history lessons, and heart-filling story lines, these eight books will give you all of the best parts of historical fiction—plus some heart flutters.

1. The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

Philippa Gregory is the queen of royal historical fiction, and in this installment of her Plantagenet and Tudor series, she explores the relationships and power struggles in the Tudor court that exist as Mary Boleyn is pushed aside by her family in favor of Anne, whom they set up to become Henry VIII’s romantic interest. Sibling rivalry, jealousy, and royal courting make this novel an essential historical romance. Read More.
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2. The Promise by Ann Weisgarber

Sometimes you just need a good love triangle, and THE PROMISE delivers one. Young Catherine flees her home in Ohio after she is involved in a scandal, and luckily comes across the recently widowed Oscar. She agrees to marry him and moves to Galveston, Texas, where he lives with his son and his housekeeper, Nan Odgen—who has feelings for Oscar. When the devastating hurricane of 1900 hits Galveston, the two women must fight for survival. It’s a heartbreaking story of strength, warmth, and hidden love. Read More.
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3. The Light Over London by Julia Kelly

Dual time lines show the lives and loves of two different women connected by a journal. In the 1940s, Louise becomes a gunner girl in London and falls in love. In the present day, Cara is recently divorced, and throws herself into trying to discover the story behind an old journal containing the secrets of a relationship. Kelly’s novel explores friendship, the lives and roles of women during World War II, and romances. Read More.
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4. The Lost Queen by Signe Pike

Languoreth is a young woman of Strathclyde, a kingdom in ancient Scotland, who falls in love with a young warrior but is sent off to marry the son of the High King. This romantic triangle is conflicted even further by the divides in religion—Christianity is beginning to overtake the old ways and Languoreth is determined to keep them in place. It’s a beautiful, deeply atmospheric, magical novel about a forgotten queen, her power, and the conflict between love and duty. Read More.
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