9 Beautifully Written Books By Women That You Need To Read Right Now

It’s always great when you can diversify your bookshelves and add a few new names along with works by old favorites. Whether you’re into literary fiction, historical fiction, magical realism, or even YA, I’ve got something for everyone. Check out these 9 stunning books written by some kick-ass women:

1. The Improbability of Loveby Hannah Rothschild

This story takes the idea of “if the walls could talk” to an entirely new level. When Annie McDee, a 31-year-old newly heartbroken chef purchases a painting with her last bit of savings, it turns out to be her best investment ever. When the painting starts to talk to her, it reveals its past owners: Louie XV, Voltaire, and Catherine the Great, among others. Suddenly finding herself in an odd position with crazed art dealers, Annie begins to put her life together and slowly realizes that love conquers all. Read More
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2.Krik? Krak! by Edwidge Danticat

In this beautiful short story collection, Danticat captures the stories of nine different people and ideas living within the Haitian world. Each tale reads like poetry, and each reveals a story that’ll stay with you long after you’ve finished the collection.Read More
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3. After the Parade by Lori Ostlund

Aaron Englund has a big heart and an insecure past. After a 20-year relationship with his older partner, Walter, Aaron decides to make peace with his haunting past and leave the life he’d settled for when he had nowhere else to turn. This is a story about getting up and moving on from trauma, but also about embracing the past for what it gave you in return. It’s a beautifully written novel, and one that’s as complex as it is intriguing. Read More
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