9 Books for Kids With Characters on the Autism Spectrum

7. Leah’s Voice by Lori DeMonia

Ages 6-8
Inspired by two real-life sisters, “Leah’s Voice” is a heartwarming and engaging story about siblings who stick together through the challenges faced by the sister who has autism. The book focuses on what it is like to meet new friends, only to find out that that friend is not so understanding of an autistic child’s differences. Young readers will find the sisters’ devotion inspiring, while simultaneously seeing an example of how to be accepting and inclusive of others. Read More.
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8. My Friend with Autism by Beverly Bishop

Ages 4 and Up
“My Friend with Autism” is a book aimed at the classmates of students on the autism spectrum. Through fun illustrations and kid-friendly explanations, author Beverly Bishop describes the ways in which children with autism are the same as or different than others. For example, a child with autism might not be very good at sports, but his or her eyes will work so well that bright lights hurt them. The book also includes a helpful “Notes for Adults” section that offers more detailed information. Read More.
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9. How to Talk to an Autistic Kid by Daniel Stefanski (an autistic kid)

Ages 8 and Up
At Age 14, Daniel Stefanski wrote this guide for “typical kids” to help them speak and better relate to their peers on the autism spectrum. Through humor, personal stories, helpful advice, and straightforward explanations, Stefanski explains why the behaviors of those on the spectrum are often misunderstood, and encourages “typicals” to have the confidence to befriend those with autism. Read More.
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