9 Books to Read Before You Watch the Adaptation This Fall

Sure, television shows and movies are great, but have you ever watched your favorite novel in living color? No? Then we have much to discuss. This fall, these books are being adapted for big and small screens, and you’re not going to want to miss it! Stephen King alone can boast of three screen adaptations, including a Netflix film of his and Joe Hill’s short story IN THE TALL GRASS and the second half of IT, a film that creeped us out early September. Stay tuned for a list of more page-turning books coming to a screen near you.

1. DOCTOR SLEEP by Stephen King

In Theaters November 8

Let’s kick things off with a master storyteller on page and screen, Stephen King. His latest film adaptation is a sequel to a classic novel and film, The Shining. In DOCTOR SLEEP, Dan Torrence (played by Ewan McGregor in the film) is all grown up and settling in in a New Hampshire town where he joins AA and works in a nursing home. Here his “shining” power is put to use as he comforts the dying and adopts the name “Doctor Sleep.” Read More.
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2. Exposure by Robert Bilott

In Theaters November 22

In this groundbreaking, first-person account, lawyer Rob Bilott represents a farmer in a legal battle against corporate bigwigs who the farmer believes have poisoned a nearby landfill, putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk. In the film called Dark Waters, Mark Ruffalo plays the role of Rob Bilott alongside Anne Hathaway, Tim Robbins, and more. Read More.
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3. Truth Be Told by Kathleen Barber

Premieres on Apple TV+ on December 6

Produced by Reese Witherspoon and starring Octavia Spencer and Lizzy Caplan, the series adaptation of TRUTH BE TOLD (formerly titled ARE YOU SLEEPING) will likely have us all on the edge of our seats in December. This Serial-esque novel centers on Josie Burhman, whose quiet life is turned upside down when a wildly popular podcast reopens the long-closed case of the murder of Josie’s father. Reunited with her estranged twin sister, and once again swept up in the lies and terrors of her past, Josie finds herself at the center of a national obsession. Read More.
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4. Mrs. Fletcher by Tom Perrotta

Now airing on HBO

Thanks to HBO (home of adaptations like BIG LITTLE LIES and yet another upcoming King creation, THE OUTSIDER), Tom Perrotta’s MRS. FLETCHER is getting the small-screen treatment. This adaptation stars Kathryn Hahn as Eve Fletcher, a single mom who’s experiencing empty-nest syndrome for the first time now that her son has moved away to college. Because the novel covers such topics as sexuality, parenthood, and self-discovery, we’re excited to reread this book in between episodes. You might recall that Tom Perrotta’s THE LEFTOVERS had a three-season run on HBO, so this series will surely not disappoint. Read More.
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5. The Good Liar by Nicholas Searle

In Theaters November 15

Helen Mirren, Ian McKellen, a sweeping romance and . . . an elaborate con? In THE GOOD LIAR by Nicholas Searle, Roy (played by McKellen in the film of the same name) woos a beautiful woman (Dame Helen Mirren, so we understand) and moves in with her—all part of his final con, a plan to slink off with her life savings. Read More.
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