9 Memorable Reads to Fill Your Weekend

4.Surface by Stacy Robinson

A life lived so sensibly should not end up in shambles, but after one impulsive indiscretion, Claire Montgomery begins to watch the world around her crumble. Her wealthy husband blames her for the chaos of their life and the damage being done to their seventeen-year-old son; but, as the anger progresses, Claire begins considering a different future from the one she had planned and begins to discover her husband may not be as innocent as he pretends. In the midst of her most difficult days, Claire must decide if she wants to know the real truth about her husband and risk destroying what they had forever.

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5.The Children’s Crusade by Ann Packer

In 1954, Bill Blair settles into a wooded area that won’t be known as Silicon Valley for years to come. His dream of a wife and kids comes in the form of Penny, a mercurial housewife, and four children. Thirty years later the children are successful professionals, except for the youngest. When the youngest “problem child” returns to the area, all four children are forced to face their past and individually portray the family life they came from. 

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6.Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

Ani has a secret that could cause her to lose the life she’s been working so hard to build: the perfect job, fancy wardrobe, and hot fiance. She must decide whether to come clean about her past, or to succumb to the pressure of  having it all, and live a lie.  

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