9 Non-fiction Books for Fans of Fiction

Non-fiction can sometimes get a reputation as being boring, but these books are far from it. These true life stories are every bit as gripping as fiction.

1. The Diary of a YoungGirl by Anne Frank

Anne Frank lived a large portion of her life in an annexe, hiding from the Nazis who wanted her family dead. Whilst there, she wrote a diary documenting life there. Her moving story can be read now in the very words she wrote in the annexe.Read More
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2. Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Hamilton is the new musical sensation that has taken America by storm. Detailing the life of Alexander Hamilton, it’s a punchy look into American history.Read More
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3. My Fat Mad Teenage Diary by Rae Earl

Now a British TV show, My Fat Mad Teenage Diary is all about growing up in the nineties with a mental disorder. Earl’s hilarious diary allows you insight into her troubled, but fascinating life.Read More
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