Book-Inspired Pieces Of Jewelry For Bookworms

When a book connects with you on a deeper level, the relationship doesn’t end when you finally put it down. For those who have been enthralled by popular greats like Rowling’s Harry Potter series or Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire, these awesome pieces of jewelry are must-haves – a way to express our love for our favorite books!

If you spot a necklace you like, you will find links under each one that will help you find where to get it. Feel free to add other book-themed necklaces you’ve found, too!

#1 The Hobbit Necklace

#2 Hermione’s Time Turner Necklace

#3 Arwen’s Necklace

#4 The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Ring

#5 Game Of Thrones Earpiece

#6 Labyrinth Movie And Book Door Knocker Earings

#7 Lord Of The Rings Earings

#8 Clockwork Orange Necklace

#9 Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 Ring

#10 Khaleesi And Khal Drogo Necklace


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