Book worm heaven: hostel lets you sleep right next to 1,700 books

If you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping in a bookstore (who hasn’t?), then ‘Book and Bed Tokyo’ can make all your bookworm dreams come true.

The bookstore-themed hostel features bunk beds located within shelves and shelves of books. 1,700 books to be exact – with 1,300 more to be added in the future. Their collection includes Japanese and English reading material, plus travel guides and manga titles. And you can sleep right next to all of them, yippee!

After a long day of wandering the busy streets of Tokyo, guests can look forward to curling up with a good read and just chilling the night away. I can imagine everyone here to be all introverted and anti-social with so many books around. PERFECT. My kind of people!

Accommodations include Standard and Compact options, with prices ranging between $32 and $50 per night. It’s set to open on November 5 on the seventh floor of a high-rise in the Ikebukuro neighborhood. Head on over here to find out more.


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