Books About Space: Out of this World Nonfiction

If you’ve ever had a chance to visit the Kennedy Space Center, you’ll understand why I’m excited to track down nonfiction books about space. The Space Race was a fascinating time period in American history and that’s just the beginning. My space books list includes books about Mars, discovering where our galaxy fits into the universe, and a comprehensive history of space. Plus, Jay recently read and loved one of the Apollo books (Rocket Men) that made it on my list, so it was helpful to have a starting spot! Step out of this world and come discover the best nonfiction books about space!

The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe

First up on my list of nonfiction books about space is The Right Stuff, by renowned journalist Tom Wolfe. Wolfe offers a unique spin on the history of man’s trips to the moon by getting into the minds of the astronauts who went there. You’ll read about the lives and families of some of the most famous American astronauts. Jay recommended this space book since he’s heard glowing reviews of both the author and this specific book.

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First Man by James Hanson

If you’d rather read an entire book devoted to arguably the most famous astronaut, this one’s for you. First Man was recently made into a movie starring Ryan Gosling as well. Armstrong himself actually sat down for interviews with Hanson and gave him access to private documents to compile this biography. Since Armstrong is a notoriously private person, it’d be fascinating to read what Hanson discovered.

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