Creative Bookends By Japanese Artist That You Have To See From Up Close To Really Appreciate

You can get lost in a good book. They transport you to another place, another time, and even other realms. Well, Tokyo designer, Monde, has found his own way to take book-lovers to another world, it’s a whimsical art project called – bookshelf dioramas. The unique bookends are detailed replicas of the winding, narrow back alley’s of Japan, brought right into your house.

The Japanese artist first introduced his dioramas at the international art event Design Festa and was met with overwhelming interest in his project.

The wooden model is sized to fit snuggly between two paperback novels and even includes lights to add to the aesthetic of dimly lit back alley.

These intricately designed bookends are not his first and only attempt at this design idea.

Monde had the idea to create something to emulate the city that could fit on a shelf a couple years previous. “Two years ago, I worked on the theme of “Tokyo decorating on the shelf.” I thought that it would be interesting if I made a back side of the alley in the gap between bookshelves,” he told Bookish Buzz.

After work with various materials, he finally curated the design you see today. “It was the first time that the work had echoed so far. I made a thing that I would like to make in a small way, not only in Japan, but also for people overseas such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada,” he said.


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