DIY Phone Charging Station Disguised as Books

Instructions to make your own DIY Phone Charging Station Disguised as Books

My phone charger is an eye sore on my nightstand and is forever falling behind heavy furniture, causing me to crawl around on all fours searching for it. Drives. me. crazy! Like, thought about hot gluing it to my nightstand crazy. Thankfully, before I decided to destroy my furniture, I took a quick peek around Etsy and happened upon some awesome phone charging stations that were made from books. The inspiration was fantastic .So after a little experimentation and some brainstorming with my ridiculously cool hubs, I came up with the perfect solution. My iPhone can still charge on some pretty books that look totally inconspicuous while perched upon my nightstand and have a bit more stability as well as a fun hidden place to stash extras. It takes a bit of patience, but totally worth it!

Two hardcover books (I got mine from the dollar store)

ruler and pencil

X-acto knife

white school glue and paintbrush

acrylic paint (optional)

phone charger

sanding block


*I found my books at my local dollar store and did not care for the colors, so I chose to paint my books with acrylic craft paint. I did this first, but I would suggest doing this at a later time. I ended up repainting as things got smudged with pencil while I worked.

Using white school glue and a paintbrush, glue the pages of the book together. Brush a thick coat on all three sides and allow to dry while placing something heavy on top (I used a sewing machine). Make sure not to glue the covers down at this time.

Once the glue is dry it is time to decide on your layout. Stack your two books in a position that you like, making sure to leave enough space for your phone to lean against the top book with your charger coming out of the bottom book. Once you have the layout you like, trace around the top book onto the bottom. Now flip the stack over, careful to keep them in place and trace around the bottom book onto the top book. Separate the books and use a ruler to draw a new set of lines one inch inside of your existing guide lines on the top book. This will be where you cut to hollow out the books.

Using an X-acto knife on the book that will be on top, working from the back cover, cut through the cover and all pages except for the very top one and the front cover. Make sure to continue to follow the lines that you established so that it lines up well with the bottom book to create your hidden space. This will take some time and some elbow grease, but stick with it. I was generally able to pull up about 8-10 pages with each cut. After you have removed all pages (except the very first and the front cover), it is time to start on the bottom book. Stack the top book back onto the bottom using your guide lines and open the cover. Trace your cut opening onto the bottom book, marking where you will cut for the next book. Working from the front cover down this time, cut right through the front cover and continue until you have reached halfway down the book (or leaving 1/2 inch minimum uncut). Use a sanding block to clean up all edges on both books. Again, using white glue and a paintbrush, glue along all of the inner pages and allow to dry.


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